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About Wise-Thalamus

Why Wise-Thalamus?

Human Science Investigation

I am a medical doctor and a human science enthusiast. I firmly believe that our current understanding of human body and medical science is limited by our predilection to blindly believe what “experts” say. The philosophy of this website is that science can be understood only with a mind that keeps asking and investigating honest questions until truth reveals itself.

The Mission

Human Science Re- Imagined: 

Re- Explore, Re- Discover, Re- Write

This website intends to explore and investigate the amazing science that makes human life possible. This is a journey and this journey should inspire pursuit and discovery of truths about human biology which currently might be miles away from what we currently believe.

The Values

The "HITS"

This website will passionately explore and investigate human science with:

  • Honesty¬†
  • Integrity
  • Truth
  • Scientific temper

Email: roysubirdoc@gmail.com

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